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Neuroon is a wearable technology system that combines medical grade sensors and advanced software with a companion mobile application for your smart device.

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Neuroon can help you with

  • Drowsiness

    The Jet Lag Blocker feature will help you decrease the drowsiness associated with jet lag. Start the therapy before your flight and you can stop worrying about jet lag!

  • Fatigue

    Jet Lag Blocker reschedules your body clock day-by-day to make sure that you will feel energized during meetings in your destination place.

  • Physical exhaustion

    Jet Lag Blocker controls your sleep hormone, melatonin, during your travel. Use Light Boost feature combined with Custom Naps to gain even more energy and fight Jet Lag.

  • Mental exhaustion

    Choose one of 3 different customized power naps. Neuroon will recommend the best times to take a nap so that you can relax your body and mind. Neuroon will wake you up in the best sleep stage, leaving you full of energy.

  • Mood swings

    Neuroon will give you personalized tips regarding your sleep and improving your mood. Follow Jet Lag recommendations regarding taking naps and light sessions to get rid of the mood swings and get back on track.

  • Insomnia

    Neuroon includes a set of features that will help you fight insomnia including Sleep Analytics, Light Boost, Personalized Tips, and Biorhythm Adjuster to help you regain peaceful sleep and good energy.

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All you have to do is to set up Jet Lag Therapy at Neuroon App!

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When I first time read about this sleep mask I was really skeptical but after a few weeks of using it - my life changed! I feel rested after every sleep and I don't suffer from jet lag.

Neuroon Quote

Steven, USA

It works! Jet Lag eliminated!

Relax and enjoy your flight! The Neuroon will track your sleep and let you know how to adjust your body clock to the timezone of your destination. Jet Lag Blocker guides you how to alleviate the negative effects of jet lag with the new technology of bright light therapy.

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