Want to align your life with your shift work schedule?

Neuroon readjusts your body clock helping you live a healthier life, even if you are sleeping irregularly.

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  • Realign your body clock

    Your body clock can be realigned with Neuroon Biorhythm Adjuster and customized naps. Neuroon influences your body clock while you are sleeping. Also, it recommends the best time to take a nap and to fall asleep.

  • Control your sleep quickly

    Neuroon will give you set of tools that will help you to regulate your sleep. Use Biorhythm Adjuster, Light Boost and Sleep Analytics to gather insights about your sleep and to understand how to make it better.

  • Establish a healthy sleep routine

    Use Neuroon every day to regulate your sleep time and to adjust your body clock. Sleep Analytics and Personalized Tips will allow you to gain more insight about your sleep and how to optimize it.

  • Readjust your life balance

    Every day you will receive personalized tips in your Neuroon App that will help you to readjust your life balance and help you live a healthier life.

  • Stop taking sleep pills

    Neuroon is a healthy alternative to sleeping pills or melatonin supplements. We work closely with leading universities and specialists to ensure that Neuroon is based on scientific research.

  • Gain more energy

    Use the Neuroon Light Boost feature to increase your efficiency at work! This quick program uses light spectrum therapy to give you a real burst of sustainable energy that will get you back on target.

Smart sleep tracker

Just set up Biorhythm Adjuster Program and optimize your sleep while shift working!

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Due to my shift working, my life is totally disorganized. I have been using Neuroon for the last few weeks and I feel much more energized during my work. I don't know how, but it just works for me!

Neuroon Quote

Lucas, Sweden

It works! Better sleep guaranteed!

We use artificial intelligence algorithms to provide you with medical-grade sleep tracking and sleep staging analytics and personalized tips. Pulses of light while you sleep influence the sleep hormone to advance or delay your body clock and readjust your life balance. Let Neuroon be your sleep coach today!

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