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Start tracking your sleep and solve your sleep problems with Neuroon, smart sleep mask.

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Neuroon can help you with

  • Trouble falling asleep

    Neuroon reschedules your body clock using personalized light therapy during your sleep. You will also receive personalized tips based on your sleep history to help you sleep better.

  • Difficulty waking up

    Neuroon will wake you up gradually with light imitating the sunrise. Gentle light will help you to wake up easier and with more energy reducing sleep inertia. Also use the Light Boost feature to gain sustainable energy throughout the day.

  • Low energy every morning

    Use Neuroon Light Boost feature to increase your energy level. This quick program uses light spectrum therapy to give you a real burst of sustainable energy that will get you back on target.

  • Waking up too early

    Set up the Biorhythm Adjuster according to your needs and let the Neuroon day-by-day adjust your wake up time leaving you ready for the day.

  • Waking up during the night

    Neuroon will track your sleep to give you detailed information about your wake-ups, sleep stages and heart rate. This will help you understand WHEN you wake up and WHY you wake up during the night so you can optimize your sleep.

  • Insomnia

    Neuroon includes a set of features that will help you fight insomnia including Sleep Analytics, Light Boost, Personalized Tips, and Biorhythm Adjuster so you can regain peaceful sleep and good energy.

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Start tracking your sleep, follow Neuroon's tips and get rid of sleep problems!

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I have found the Bright Light Therapy feature to be my favorite. After a few days of sleeping with the mask, I felt like I was truly able to fall asleep easier and track my progress.

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Angel, USA

No more sleep problems!

We use artificial intelligence algorithms to provide you with medical-grade sleep staging analytics and personalized tips. Pulses of light while you sleep influence the sleep hormone to advance or delay your body clock and readjust your life balance. Let Neuroon be your sleep coach today!

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