Light Boost - light therapy that powers your day

Light Boost is a quick program which uses light therapy to give you a real burst of sustainable energy that will get you back on target.

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How does Light Boost work?

Feeling tired, can’t concentrate? Skip the candy and caffeine and use the Light Boost.

This feature provides a burst of energy that helps increase focus and reduce sleepiness by regulating your melatonin level. The light source is located in the Smart Pack (intelligent part of the sleep tracker) and interacts directly with your eyelids ensuring a comfortable and discreet light therapy during a typical 20 minute session.

Seasonal Boost (SAD)

Season affective disorder (SAD) is a mood disorder that occurs in the specific season in the year, mostly in winter and manifest with depressive symptoms.

Light therapy has been proven to be highly effective at treating seasonal mood disorders and depression. It is also very effective at increasing alertness and limiting drowsiness.

In comparison to traditional sources of bright light, Neuroon provides you with subtle and modern access to bright light and helps fighting with negative aspects of short days and cloudy weather.

Learn more about how to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder

It is one click to set up in companion app

Start Light Boost

Start Light Boost

Only 20 minutes

Only 20 minutes

Enjoy 20 minutes of relaxation and get more energy than§ a cup of coffee could give you. You can have your eyes closed or opened. It takes only 20 minutes to bring you back on target!