Neuroon Sunrise - wake up full of energy

Neuroon Sunrise feature uses light to simulate the natural sunrise, transitioning you from sleep to wakefulness without the usual disorientation and grogginess.

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Wake up full of energy

How does Neuroon Sunrise work?

Neuroon simulates the light of a slowly breaking dawn so you wake up the natural way. The sleep tracker will eliminate morning grogginess by waking you up at the optimal moment when your sleep phase is at its lightest point.

When it’s time to wake up, the mask will gradually fill with light simulating a natural dawn. If you don’t wake up, Neuroon will add gentle vibrations followed by a final audio alarm from your mobile phone.
With Neuroon Sunrise, you will awake feeling refreshed and alert and ready to start the day.

Set up Neuroon Sunrise in your mobile app!

Smart alarm clock

Set up Biorhythm Alarm

In order to experience gentle wake up with Neuroon Sunrise, you have to set up alarms in Neuroon App. Go to Settings and then to Alarm Settings to program Neuroon Sunrise.

Create your perfect morning

Design your perfect wakeup

Pick the power of lights and choose the smart wake up options: duration of the light before the alarm and sleep phase in which you want to be woken up.