Personal Pause - boost your mind

Personal Pause is an intelligent personalized nap program developed for Neuroon. You can choose one of three programmed naps or customize your own.

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Smart sleep mask with power nap function

How does Personal Pause work?

What do Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, and Thomas Edison all have in common? They all took naps at work! With the Personal Pause function, you can recharge your mind, and wake up feeling like a genius.

Neuroon tracks your sleep data and makes recommendations for the best time to take a nap so that you can feel fresh and energized for the rest of your day. Choose one of three available napping programs: Power Nap, REM Nap or Ultimate Nap. You can also design your own nap!

Explore Personal Pause in the mobile app

Power Nap like a pro

Take personalized nap

Choose one of proposed naps to get more energy for the rest of the day. Click start in the Neuroon App and put the mask on your face. Neuroon will record your sleep and wake you up with light.

Smart sleep tips

Intelligent recommendations

Based on your sleep analytics from the previous night, Neuroon calculates your energy level for the whole day and propose you the best napping time to refresh your mind and body.

Choose optimal nap for you

The Power Nap 20 min


A short 20 minute nap that terminates before the onset of deep sleep to increase your alertness.

Full benefits:

- reduced drowsiness
- heightened alertness
- increased concentration
- enhanced motor skills
- elevated mood

The REM Nap 60 min


A full 1 hour nap that includes deep sleep and REM sleep for increased creativity.

Full benefits:

- Power Nap benefits +
- Body Nap benefits +
- Increased creativity
- Improved emotional memory
- Sharper perceptual and sensory processing
- Better memory of complex associative information

The Ultimate Nap 90 min


A long nap (90 min) with equal amounts of slow-wave sleep and REM sleep with a full balance of sleep stages.
(body + power + REM)

Full benefits:

- Benefits of all previous naps +
- The best nap of all because of the sleep stages content