Sleep analytics - track and understand your sleep

Sleep Analytics is a core feature of Neuroon and offers you the unique opportunity to thoroughly monitor your sleep and then analyze its advanced data.

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EEG-based sleep monitoring

Neuroon measures the biological parameters of the sleeper, including brain waves (single-channel EEG), pulse, body temperature, eye movement and body movement during sleep. Sleep Analytics function gives you a detailed and comprehensive report on the quality of your sleep combined with an easy to understand sleep score generated by our patented algorithm.

Based on tracked sleep data Neuroon provides you with staging of your sleep and shows you when exactly you fell asleep and slept in particular sleep phases: light, REM and deep.

Patented sleep score calculation and sleep staging algorithms are the core of Neuroon

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Discover sleep staging in the companion app

Sleep phases analytics

Sleep phases analytics

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Smart sleep tips

Sleep recommendations

Sleep recommendations are provided on the basis of your lifestyle, personal characteristics and individual historical sleep data. The more you sleep with Neuroon, the better and more precise are recommendations.

Brainwaves real-time analysis

Brainwaves real-time analysis

World's first wearable with brainwaves monitoring

Neuroon is the first device on the consumer market that measures EEG (brainwaves) and uses this data for advanced sleep staging. Neuroon is equipped with 3 dry, golden-plated electrodes, which are enough for getting comprehensive data about sleep.

Neuroon, with its advanced sensors uses complete polysomnography, the gold standard for medical sleep studies. Neuroon's compliance with medical graded devices amounting up to 94% is an amazing result for sleep tracking.