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How do we calculate sleep score?

One of the important data that we provide Neuroon users with is sleep score. Find out how do we estimate this indicator and what you can learn from the sleep score.

We developed sleep score so that you have the possibility to track your sleep quality, observe when it is the best and when the worst and based on our recommendations improve sleep habits that lead to achieving the highest sleep scores.

You can find your sleep score after each sleep on the main screen of Neuroon App. The number is placed in the middle of the screen and differs from 0 to 100.

Sleep score is the indicator that was fully developed by Neuroon team and describes the general quality of your sleep.

Sleep score is a combination of sleep efficiency indicator and optimum amount of sleep researched for the population.

We count sleep efficiency as amount of being asleep from the time you turn on the sleep program (pressing the button START SLEEP) to the moment when you turn off the mask in the morning. So basically it is ratio of actual sleep to the duration of the sleep program.

To achieve best sleep score you need to sleep around 7-9 hours, calmly and avoid drinking alcohol and coffee before going to sleep.