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How you can fight Seasonal Affective Disorder

Summer is slowly presenting us its last days and soon we will welcome autumn at our homes and gardens. Early sunsets and late sunrises - it doesn’t make us very much energetic or happy. Like the famous quote says: Winter is coming and we are only thinking about buying warm blankets and getting ready for short and cold days. How to fight with such mood?

Many of us spend most of the day indoor. Even if our offices and homes seem to be very bright, with lots of windows that give us access to the natural day light, then still the light meter would show us that the amount of light registered in the rooms is much lower than outside.

In the evenings, when our body and mind should get calmer and ready for sleep, then just we are attacked from all sides by artificial light from lamps, chandeliers, computer monitors and TV screens. Moreover in cities it is very difficult to make the room totally dark for the night - even through very thick curtains, the street light sneaks into the bedroom. All of these disturbs very much our circadian rhythm and the quality of our sleep.

You had the chance to read about the Bright Light Therapy before here. Now we are going to look into, how the light therapy can help to overcome the Seasonal Affective Disorder.

First of all we should ask ourselves - what is the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? We can bet that a few of you around autumn and winter struggles with complaints like: feeling sad, lack of energy, withdrawal from friends and social activities and difficulty waking up in the morning - more less with symptoms that look like a beginning of depression but appearing only from October or November and ending around March.

Researches show that these complaints have directly proportional correlation with the amount of light and air temperature. Combination of changing access to the natural light, our hectic lifestyles and bad weather can lead to dramatic effects for our body clock. These environmental indicators influence on people in such manner that more and more of us are suffering from seasonal mood disorders.

Scientists have proven that one of the way on how to cope with above mentioned symptoms is light therapy, which according to studies is at least as effective as antidepressants. Recommended therapy should last from half an hour up to even two hours per day - user should have access to the device that emits bright light of a sufficient power. Supplying with the much bigger amount of light than normally will lead to supplement its lack in user’s body and to eliminate the reasons of seasonal affective disorder. Of course first of all such person should visit a doctor to rule out possibility of suffering from depression.

Where in that case we should look for this additional source of light with enough power and appropriate discretion so that it doesn’t disturb anybody? Light therapy is one of the fundaments of Neuroon - intelligent sleep mask with the Light Boost feature that was designed to offer short, 20-minutes sessions with bright light. Light Boost has been proven to be highly effective at treating seasonal mood disorders and depression. It is also very effective at increasing alertness and limiting drowsiness. The light source is located in the Smartpack (intelligent part of the mask) and interacts directly with the user's eyelids ensuring a comfortable and discreet light therapy.

Whether it is bad mood, or lack of energy throughout the day - the light therapy is definitely worth considering. It is much better solution than taking different pills for “being happy”. In the end this is why in spring and summer we feel much happier - because we have much bigger access to natural sunlight.