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    Mask, Charging Cable, Quick Start Guide


    5 days delivery 5 days delivery
    1 - 2 year warranty worldwide 1 - 2 year warranty worldwide
    14-day money back guarantee 14-day money back guarantee

    Very nice experience!

    by Sylwia G.

    This mask is super fun, I'm surprised how light it is knowing that it has hardware installed. Great fabric, very soft material around the hardware that actually feels like a skin! Also, I love the data the app provides. Very detailed and actually surprising. The mask really improved my experience of sleeping and waking up. Can't wait until I use it for travel!

    Great idea! Very helpful for owl types.

    by PB

    I've been using the mask for a couple of weeks. It was not so easy to get used to sleeping with it but after a week, you don't feel the difference. Now I exactly know how my sleep was, how many awakes I had, what was my pulse and much more. I don't really know if it's placebo effect :) but my mornings are much better right know (I'm owl type). It's also great for short naps. I haven't tried it for jet lag yet but hope to check it soon. Great idea! Curious what will be in next updates.

    Really well suprised! :-)

    by Steven

    When I first time read about this sleep mask I was really sceptical but after a few weeks of using it - my life changed! I feel rested after every sleep and I no more suffer from jet lag. Guys from Inteliclinic still are improving alghorithms and providing better sleep analisys. App gives you perfect advices after every sleep and by this you know how to change your habits to sleep better and feel rested every day. What I love most is artificial dawn! Mask simulates sunshine so even if it is 5:00 am you fell like being waked up by the sunlight during the weekend :-)