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Neuroon – intelligent sleep mask is the first device on the consumer market that can analyze human sleep by monitoring brain waves and improve sleep quality using the breakthrough technology of Bright Light Therapy.

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What is Neuroon?

Neuroon is a revolutionary wearable device that combines advanced brain wave and pulse measurement technology with a comfortable sleeping mask commonly used in air travel. Using built-in biometric sensors, Neuroon system analyzes the user’s sleep architecture, calculates a sleep efficiency score, and offers optimization advice. In addition, Neuroon uses Bright Light Therapy, a technology that can alleviate jet lag, improve sleep efficiency, and help the user to fall asleep faster.

Latest press releases about Neuroon

Neuroon: A New Wearable Device That Helps Beat Jet Lag

July 28th 2016

As the demand for air transport continues to grow and long-distance flights become increasingly commonplace, travellers are looking to cutting-edge technology to help combat the sleep disruption, fatigue and poor concentration that often accompanies jet lag.

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Neuroon delivered to all the Kickstarter backers!

May 4th 2016

One of the most interesting and long-awaited projects on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has finally closed shipping the final version of the product - Neuroon - to its backers. The story of Kickstarter campaign for Neuroon - an intelligent sleep mask, started more than two years ago.

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