Smart sleep mask

Neuroon - smart sleep mask improving your sleep quality

Neuroon elements

Technological breakthrough in sleep science

Neuroon is a wearable technology system that combines sleep tracking based on medical grade sensors and advanced software with a companion mobile application for your smart device. Using Bluetooth® 4.0 BLE, the mask communicates with the app on both iOS and Android systems, transferring your biometric data and enabling you to access the full suite of six features.

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Neuroon Features

Explore Neuroon features

Neuroon offers six key features that will help improve the quality of your life: Sleep Analytics, Jet Lag Blocker, Personal Pause, Biorhythm Adjuster, Neuroon Sunrise and Light Boost. Use all of them to get the full experience and best results!

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App that powers up Neuroon

App that powers up your Neuroon

Neuroon App allows you to set selected program and enjoy the full range of Neuroon features. You can have easy access to all your sleep data gathered by the sleep tracker throughout the night: biometrics, graphs, sleep stagings and tips.

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