Neuroon Sleep Mask

Neuroon Sleep Mask

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Have you been looking for a wearable device that can help you feel energised throughout the whole day by improving your sleep? Sleep accounts for a third of our lives and yet we know so little about it because we all sleep in different ways.

Neuroon Open is an open-source, consumer wearable EEG mask that will measure your sleep, help you adjust your bedroom conditions to your needs and support you with smart mediation feature and lucid dreaming induction.

Every single feature in Neuroon Open works due to the mask’s ability to measure sleep metrics in such a detailed manner. And most importantly for most of the features: sleep analysis takes place in REAL TIME!

Key features of Neuroon Open that will be added chronologically:

- Advanced sleep measurement based on EEG (Brain Activity)

- Smart wake ups and naps

- Lucid dreaming induction

- Audio guided mediation sessions

- Smart home integrations that you can also program on your own