Neuroon is a technological breakthrough in sleep science

App and Neuroon mask

App + Neuroon mask

Neuroon combines medical grade sensors and software with a mobile application for your smart device. Using Bluetooth® 4.0 BLE, the sleep tracker communicates with the app on both iOS and Android systems, transferring your biometric data, and enabling you to access all functionalities.

Let us show you how it works

Gold Plated Electrodes

Responsible for EEG signal measurement

Pulse Oximeter

Exact pulse and temperature analytics


ARM-based MCU enables fast data analytics

Power LEDs

Used during Light Therapy to influence sleep hormone


They imitate artificial dawn which wakes you up

Power button

Only one click to start your sleep adventure

Smart Pack is the smart heart of the Neuroon

The Smart Pack contains the Neuroon’s sensors, electronics, and two lithium-ion batteries. The sensors are gold plated to prevent allergies and the pack is made from soft hypoallergenic silicone.

Advanced sleep tracking to improve your life

Brain waves EEG

Brain waves EEG

For detailed sleep staging analytics



Records muscle activity to determine REM stage



Recognizes your sleep through your movement



To determine melatonin level in the blood



For even more accurate sleep phases monitoring

Blood Saturation

Blood Saturation

Essential in diagnosing sleep apnea

Neuroon safety

Neuroon is fully tested and approved by international bodies to ensure your safety.

Safety certification:

CB Scheme by the IECEE
E473307 UL Listed

Radio certification:

CE European Economic Area
20848-NEUR1 IC Canada
007-AE0008 Japan

Complies with requirements of:

IEC 62471 International Standard (No harmful amounts of UV or infrared rays are emitted)

Radio certification 2AF73-NEUR1 FCC USA Radio certification CE European Economic Area Safety certification CB Scheme by the IECEE Safety certification E473307 UL Listed and 007-AE0008 Japan radio certification Radio certification 20848-NEUR1 IC Canada

The Neuroon is not a medical device and should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Consult your doctor for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of any medical issues.