Meet Neuroon. World’s first smart sleep mask.

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Best New Product SXSW 2016 Best Startup LeWeb 2013 Best Sleep Solution HealthXL 2016

Smart mask that helps you sleep better

Biorhythm Adjuster

Fall asleep faster

On the basis of the gathered data, Neuroon aligns your biorhythm using light therapy.

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Jet Lag Blocker

Beat jet lag

Jet Lag Blocker feature adjusts your body clock to the timezone of your destination.

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Neuroon Sunrise

Wake up energized

Sunrise stimulation wakes you up more energized and power naps help you to keep that energy during the day.

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Get more energy every day

Sleep tracker analyzes your sleep and uses light to wake you up gradually. Pulses of light influence the sleep hormone to readjust your life balance.

Light therapy

Light therapy

Neuroon adjusts melatonin level and realigns your body clock to your needs.

Artificial Dawn

Artificial Dawn

Neuroon simulates the light of a slowly breaking dawn so you wake up the natural way.

Great app that powers up Neuroon

Neuroon App shows sleep results

Take a nap that you need

Try our customized napping program. Sleep tracker analyzes your sleep data and using algorithms makes recommendations for the best time to take a power nap.

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Monitor your sleep

Advanced sleep staging on the basis of your brain waves analytics accompanied with feedback on your sleep and tips how to improve it.

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Beat jet lag

Enter your destination or reservation number and let the mask do the rest. Neuroon App will also provide you with helpful advice on how to make the adjustment more effective.

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Neuroon App shows sleep results - download from App Store Neuroon App shows sleep results - download from Google Play

Powerful sleep analytics

Get a comprehensive report on the quality of your sleep combined with an easy to understand sleep score generated by our patented algorithm. Sleep Analytics includes data gathered by sleep tracker: detailed readings of your heart rate and the duration of each of your sleep stages including REM, deep and light sleep.

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Brainwaves real-time analysis
Neuroon unboxing

Are you ready to master your sleep?

Buy Neuroon today and let it make your everyday life better thanks to best quality sleep and sleep tracking. Neuroon consists of smart sleep mask and dedicated companion app.

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