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Neuroon Open is the most advanced, premium sleep tracker
with additional sleep boosting features.

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Smart sleep mask. Command center of your sleep.

EEG Sleep Tracking

Sleep A/B testing


Smart Wakeups

Lucid Dreaming


Smart Nap



Social Sleep


Smart Home Integration


Is Neuroon Open for you?

It doesn't matter if you work from 9 to 5, studying or climbing mountains.
Neuroon Open makes sleep your advantage allowing you to become superhuman, no matter what you do.

Tracking is not enough. Boost your sleep with Light!

All sleep trackers currently available on the market measures your sleep for the sake of presenting your sleep data. Neuroon Open uses your sleep data to personalize embedded light delivery to improve your sleep and help you wake up effectively.

Light Boost

Feeling tired, can’t concentrate? Skip the candy and caffeine and use the Light Boost - sustainable energy that will get you back on target.

Artificial Dawn

Is waking up a nightmare for you? The Neuroon Open uses light to simulate the natural sunrise, transitioning you from sleep to wakefulness without the usual disorientation and grogginess.

Proven, scientific method for Lucid Dreaming

A Lucid Dream is not an unusual phenomenon but that the experience is not common. Now you can increase your chances for experiencing recurrent vivid dreams with Neuroon Open system providing you with best scientifically reviewed techniques for inducing Lucid Dreaming.

Sleep Analytics

Use scientifically proven light techniques to wake up easier and feel more energetic.

Wake Up Easily

Use scientifically proven light techniques to wake up easier and feel more energetic.

Detect REM Sleep

Find the most effective moments of your sleep to trigger Lucid Dreaming

LD Meditation

Increase your chances of Lucid Dreaming with dedicated audio guided sessions.

App that has all you need.

Real power of the mask.

Neuroon Open App is so called remote controler of the mask. It will guide you through all the Neuroon Open features, gather your sleep data, show you your sleep score and personalized sleep tips.

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Everything we do in our life, we can do better, we can become the master of it. We would like to invite you to join our Super Sleepers club where, with the help of the Neuroon Open mask, you will start becoming a Sleep Master from the first night with the smart mask on your face.

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